2017 TCS New York City Marathon

2017 TCS New York City Marathon
Fundraising target $32,000.00
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If you are interested in registering, please contact Rosy Evans directly at info@reachwithin.org or Tel. (646) 342-9558.


Simply said, reachwithin helps kids heal after adversity. We believe that every child, regardless of the challenges he or she faces through no fault of their own, deserves a chance to develop a sense of wellbeing so that a bright future is a possibility.   Our programs include mentorship, yoga and meditation, therapeutic drumming, art, sports, and counseling.   Equally as important as direct care for the children, we provide a robust training program for their caregivers, including self-care, so that together, strength and resiliency may become a reality.

reachwithin’s programs have been developed in care homes for abused and abandoned children in Grenada, the West Indies, and are currently scaling up for implementation in other nations in the Caribbean and beyond.  We believe that our message of hope and healing is one that will continue to grow as long as we have supporters who believe that the gift of empowerment is ongoing and the greatest strength is that which lies within.

In November 2017, a reachwithin team participated in the Run de Spice marathon in Grenada and the winner was Willan George, a young man of exceptional grit and perseverance who beat all odds against him.  He was raised in a series of care homes for abused and abandoned children following innumerable losses. He was given a pair of running shoes on the morning of the race after insisting that he would run despite the fact that he had not trained.  He ran with purpose and his race was reflective of reachwithin’s mission: deep inside of each of us is a light that if nurtured will shine.

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