Run De Spice (RunForGrenada2018)

Fundraising target $25,000.00
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THE FIRST PLACE WINNER IN THE 2016 RUN DE SPICE MARATHON WAS WILLAN GEORGE!  Willan is a member of reachwithin's team and we are so proud of him and his fellow runners! Willan spent much of his childhood living in a care home for abused and abandoned boys and works with Jerry Bascombe, reachwithin's Youth Program Manager in our Transitional Living Program, along with Annie Farey, a neighborhood saint,  to overcome his challenges. Willan's friends and "brothers" work together to live with determination, grit, perseverance, and joyful energy...keeping their eyes on the prize of a happy and healthy life.  It is these qualities that drove them to the finish line, showing the world that no task is too hard if one truly reaches deep within. 

Buoyed by the success of Willan and our amazing other team members, we will recruit another team for 2018 as the charity partner for Run de Spice. Please be on the look out for the announcement of the date!


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