20 October 2016

Empathy in Action

Please join the reachwithin community in a loving kindness meditation...

Recently, one of the adolescents known to reachwithin who has aged out of a residential care home in Grenada, was beaten up on the street by a group of young men, one of whom was wielding a machete.  A few boys from his former care home heard the commotion and were able to help rescue him from the situation.  This particular young man is working very hard to be part of the community and attends many of the reachwithin programs.  However, he still finds it difficult to trust his new living situation and often wanders for several days at a time, unbathed and unfed.  His friends, our local staff and all of reachwithin are concerned for his well-being and are doing everything possible to support him.

The reachwithin meditation program is putting their empathy into action through a loving kindness meditation. Scientific research suggests this type of meditation can increase positive emotions, decrease negative emotions, and support overall well-being.  Many studies also show benefits from this practice for those suffering from mental health disorders.

So in honor of this young man, we are gathering as a reachwithin community through meditation... to honor ourselves as empathetic beings, honor this young man to whom we send our compassion, and in equanimity, to offer this kindness to the entire world.  If it feels right and you have a moment to consciously take a breath within your day please say the following..

A reachwithin Meditatation
May I be healthy, safe and free from harm. (3X)
May "our friend"  be healthy, safe and free from harm. (3X)
May all beings be safe healthy and free from harm.  (3X

Thank you.

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