11 October 2017

reachwithin Launches Caregiver Retreats

On a warm Saturday afternoon, surrounded by sea, sand and sunshine, reachwithin hosted the first full day Caregiver Retreat for staff members working in four residential care homes in Grenada.  reachwithin believes staff caregivers provide the most consistent relationship for children who have experienced abuse or abandonment and it is highly important to replenish inner resources in order to prevent burnout.

According to reachwithin’s scientific advisor, Dr. Richard Honigman, “parents/caregivers have a certain amount of inner reserve.  Stress, health issues- any number of factors- can drain this supply.  In order to offer optimal support to children or be open to handling challenging situations with patience, it is important to replenish these resources.”

The retreat, co-led by Yoga teachers Jerry Bascombe and Miranda Miller, included gentle yoga, drumming, journaling and walking meditation.   According to Jerry, the retreat was “an opportunity for everyone to free themselves up and relax, far away from the stress of everyday responsibilities.”   La Luna Hotel owners Wendy and Bernardo Bertucci, sponsors of the event, served up a delicious Italian lunch for all that symbolized the tradition of nourishing and gathering in community.

We certainly hope the caregivers feel nourished, cared for and part of a greater support system.  This experience is what we hope they pass on to Grenada’s most vulnerable children and youth.

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