17 March 2018

reachwithin honors Dr. T. Berry Brazelton

reachwithin would like to take a moment to honor the late Dr. T. Berry Brazelton who passed away on Tuesday, March 13, 2018. Dr. Brazelton, a peditatrition and pioneer in the field of infant mental health, was a guiding force for the foundation of reachwithin therapeutic programs for children. Dr. Brazelton's belief and reserach on the importance of the caregiver - child connection to support children's healthy development is woven into our training programs for caregivers who work with children who have experinced abuse or abadonment. We are so grateful for Dr. Brazelton's insight and presence on the reachwithin Research Advisory Board. On behalf of all at reachwthin, we send our deepest heartfelt wishes to Dr. Brazelton's family, friends and colleagues. Dr. Brazelton's impact is felt deeply and his light continues to shine for so many children. For a full bio: Click here

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