05 April 2018

A New Garden Blooms at Father Mallaghan's Home

A facelift was provided to Father Mallaghan's Home for Boys in Richmond Hill, Grenada by volunteers of Reachwithin.  Several young people visited Grenada in March, while on their Spring Break to provide some much needed beautification to the home.  These individuals took on a very rewarding project by giving the surroundings of the home a much needed boost of color and liveliness. Gardens were created, where plants and vegetation such as lettuce, tomatoes, beets and watermelons to name a few were planted.  This experience showed these young men how to be more self-sufficient and has provided a higher sense of pride in their living environment.

The volunteers from reachwithin worked side by side with some of the young men from the home and for all involved, this was a teachable moment.  For many of the adolescents this was a time for learning, but moreover about feeling part of an activity that they could call their own.  With the assistance of Steel Magnate Enterprise (SME), raised beds were built to house the various plants, used tires were brightly painted and filled with soil and small plants, which will in turn provide them with vegetables and fruits for years to come.

Since the garden has been planted, the young men and the staff at Father Mallaghan's have taken on the responsibility of watering and cultivating the plants to ensure their fruitfulness. Not only will the residents be provided with nourishment, but now a seed has been planted in their minds, that once a community comes together for the betterment of the people, there isn’t any limit to what can be achieved.

You can check out more pictures here.

Written By: Troy Clarke - reachwithin Tranistional Living Coordinator

Photo Credit: Christian J. - reachwithin Intern Photographer

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