19 April 2018

reachwithin is Proud to Announce...

We are very excited to announce that Dr. Richard Honigman, Chair of reachwithin's Research and Education Team, will be presenting at the 16th Annual World Association for Infant Mental Health Congress in Rome, Italy. Dr. Honigman will be presenting his work on the training of community health workers in Grenada in the field of Infant Mental Health and on the use of the *Newborn Behavioural Observation Tool. 

Infant mental health recognises the importance of and attempts to enhance early infant caregiver relationships towards the goal of providing infants and caregivers with the means to establish healthy relationships. There is a growing body of scientific research and literature demonstrating that the roots of many adult diseases have their beginnings in early childhood adversities. Early life adverse circumstances and environmental stressors such as poverty, domestic violence, substance abuse, the death or incarceration of a parent can all contribute to ill health when not mediated by safe, responsible and culturally respectful caregiving relationships. 

reachwithin is very grateful for Dr. Honigman's continued support and contributions to helping children heal after adveristy.  

*From the work of Dr. Alexandra Harrison

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