17 July 2018

Life Skills Workshop for Teenagers Living in Residential Care

With the challenges faced by today’s young people in society, many are not fortunate enough to have a positive support system or the skills needed for advancement. Many young people are placed into adult situations that they are unable to handle. For teenagers who have experienced neglect or abuse, unhealthy habits are often picked up from a young age and many have a difficult time breaking the mold from what they have seen or been exposed to, whether it be from a cultural or social aspect and in turn follow this mold as their mantra for life. With the help of our Transitional Living Coordinator, Troy Clarke, reachwithin hopes to put an end to this cycle. Recently, a new twelve week Life Skills Workshop was implemented at Father Mallighan’s Home for Boys. On a weekly basis, young men engage in sessions based on various topics ranging from ‘Act Like a Man – How Your Community Views You’, Goal Setting, Substance Abuse, Self Esteem and Human Sexuality to name a few. The sessions are complemented by audio-visual and other resource materials to animate the sessions and underscore important messages. The goal of the program is to help teenagers integrate new information and apply skills to their everyday lives so they may become healthy and self-sufficient members of society.

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