Youth Life Skills & Yoga Program

Our Youth Life Skills & Yoga Program helps to develop character building, emotional literacy, and self-regulation.

Since the program's inception, we have witnessed a significant increase in behavioural modulation including pro-social behaviour such as improved empathy and listening skills, as well as an overall reduction of disruptive behaviour. Using basic yoga postures, physical exercise, breathing and deep relaxation techniques, yoga has been shown to reduce impulsive behaviour and enhance focus and awareness. In addition to our Yoga Program, our Life Skills Program includes counseling, rhythmic drumming, sports, and art. This approach focusses on lowering stress and increasing mental and physical vitality, and in so doing have proven to open the children’s minds to realize their true potential.

We are excited to have to just released our very own reachyoga kid-friendly deck of yoga cards that teaches challenging poses and breathing exercises... Amazing cards for a great cause!

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