My Spiritual Life

reachwithin launches “My Spiritual Life” Program specifically for children, youth and adolescents who have experienced abuse, abandonment or adversity.

Spiritual and religious practices, part of any culture, have also been identified through scientific research, as a cornerstone of resiliency. According to research, a key factor in developing resiliency and minimizing the risk of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the way a person perceives and processes the experience.   Spiritual and religious practices offer another lens from which to make sense of adverse life events.  Spirituality can often be a framework to find hope versus despair in the aftermath of trauma. 

reachwithin seeks to provide the necessary resources for children who have experienced adversity, to go forth and lead healthy, happy lives.  We also believe children and youth should have the opportunity to explore these specific themes and personal experiences through a spiritual lens.  Using a train-the-trainer approach, the program will focus first on staff caregivers who work in residential care homes, and who provide the most consistent relationships for children.   Once the caregivers have engaged in the experience, together we will create opportunities for children, youth and adolescents to explore their life stories through a spiritual lens.

reachwithin would like to extend a very big thank you to Mr. James Stewart for spearheading this initiative.  We would also like to extend our gratitude to Mrs. Lorna Douglas, reachwithin’s trainer, who will oversee the implementation of the “My Spiritual Life” program.  As with all reachwithin programs, participation is optional. This program also supports efforts to understand religious diversity and the practice of tolerance for different opinions.  reachwithin not only hopes to provide children with the tools for resiliency, but also the tools for creating a more peaceful world.

Spirituality and Resilience in Trauma Victims Julio F. P. Peres Æ Alexander Moreira-Almeida Æ Antonia Gladys Nasello Æ Harold G. Koenig
Article (PDF Available) in Journal of Religion and Health 46(3):343-350 · August 2007 with 210 Reads
DOI: 10.1007/s10943-006-9103-0

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