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reachwithin was founded in 2008 as REACHGrenada to operate on the ground in the following impact areas: Recreation, Education, Agriculture, Community, and Health.
Recreation: (1) Playgrounds- Built playgrounds at 18 schools serving 2000 children. (2) Musical Instruments- Provided 168 recorders with 13 instructional books for use in schools (3) Palm Trees- Sponsored the planting of 30 trees; providing shade in play areas at 8 schools for approximately 500 children (4) Benches- Installed 14 benches at  14 different schools.
Education: (1) Literacy Enhancement- Introduced Jolly Phonics literacy system geared towards improving the reading and writing skills of students ages 4-11, delivered 4,000 age-appropriate books to schools across the island, provided literacy training to over 40 teachers in St. Andrew’s Parish (2) Computer Equipment- Installed new laptop computers and printers along with a year’s supply of paper and ink in 18 primary and secondary schools in St. Andrew’s.
Agriculture: (1) Grow-box Project- In partnership with 14 schools, reachwithin provided 14 boxes and annual seed supply in an effort to promote agricultural sustainability and foster interest in agriculture as a viable future occupation; serving 300 students. (2) Chicken Breeding- Provided broiler starter feeds, 325 chickens, and chicken coops to four schools; serving 800 students.
Community: (1) Voluntourism- To date, reachwithin has led 3 intergenerational voluntourism trips to care homes that directly enhance the quality of life in the homes volunteers visit. Past service projects have provided newly painted boys, girls, and staff bathrooms, a newly painted children’s library, new shelving, a vegetable garden, recreational courts, refurbished boys and girls’ lockers, retiled floors, a new laundry room, and a hopscotch court at three different care homes.
Health: (1) Prevention of infectious Disease- Funded WINDREF-led program to improve general health of children and reduce Rheumatic Fever infections and intestinal worms among children aged 5-15 in St. Andrew’s Parish.

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