Grenada at 5am

Beneath the warm sun, breathtaking views and true blue waters of such a beautiful island, more than 50 percent of people under age 25 in Grenada live in poverty1. Child maltreatment continues to plague communities across the country. Corporal punishment is still widely used by families and schools. Child sexual abuse is highly prevalent and consistently under-reported.

Reach Within continues to partner with local communities, stakeholders and government agencies to shed light on the issue and impact of abuse.

Impacts such as aggression; anxiety; depression; lack of positive relationships with adults and peers; attention difficulties; early and inappropriate sexualization3; and, an increased risk of abusing others are compounded by the stress of Grenada’s abject poverty. As evidenced by numerous Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) studies, there is a clear relationship between abuse and neglect and later physical disease states4.

But getting to the root of trauma, simply, allows children, youth and young adults to be seen, heard and honored for who they choose to be—not a statistic based on past experience.  


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