Childhood trauma is reparable.
Let’s get to the root of it, simply.

Abuse changes the developing brain. Simple practices can change it again. One caregiver can redirect the trajectory of a life and give a child the chance to thrive. We call this Trauma-Informed Caregiving.


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Neglect and abuse can change a child’s brain.
High-impact, low-cost intervention can heal it.



Childhood trauma can cause structural and functional brain changes that affect a person’s present and future wellbeing. It can mean living in a state of fight, flight, or freeze. It also leads to chronic issues from disassociation to physical conditions including heart disease and autoimmune deficiency.



Reach Within has identified and tested a series of evidence-based practices over the last ten years that promote mitigation of damage in the brain caused by trauma. A trauma-free environment using rhythmicity, healthy attachment, and mindfulness ensures the best outcome for a child.


Celebrating 10 years!

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All of humanity has the capacity to reach within.

We believe kids who have suffered trauma have what they need within themselves that may be accessed through simple human connection in a trauma-free environment in which to heal.

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