Our Programs

Reach Within serves children, adolescents and young adults who have experienced extreme trauma including neglect, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. This maltreatment impedes physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. Without a safety net, the effects of childhood trauma grow into the local community, adversely affecting its social structure and economic strength. Our program model, based on resiliency research, encompasses the following beliefs:  

  • All children can heal.

  • Adults can create a safe environment for children to heal.

  • Rhythmic activities such as breath and movement can help to regulate the body and emotions.  

  • Community support is an integral part of healing.  


Our caregiver training program is strengths based and wellness oriented as we believe that caring for others begins with caring for oneself. Using a multiple learning approach, caregivers increase their knowledge base and competency in trauma-informed care practice, learning about brain changes that cause challenging behaviors and techniques for defusing them as well as simple ways to create a harmonious environment.

Caregivers are taught to reframe stressful events and use therapeutic techniques to help children regulate and re-pattern experiences in order to support healing. Learn More >


Reach Within focuses on promoting resilience, establishing appropriate personal boundaries, and developing skills in self-regulation. When children have experienced trauma, traditional “talk therapy” is not always effective or even readily available; some children are not developmentally ready to respond to such an approach and others are harmed by revisiting their trauma. Reach Within brings alternative, clinically-proven interventions to abused and neglected children including the Reach Within Educational Manual, yoga, drumming, rhythm based activities, and mindfulness breathing exercises.


In order to stop the cycle of abuse and/or abandonment, Reach Within works closely with youth who are aging out a residential care system or those currently living on the streets. Through our drop-in centre and outreach model, Reach Within provides life skills and mentoring programs for youth seeking further educational opportunities, employment, housing and emotional support. Our Transitional Living Program ensures continuity of care and healing through the life-span and builds a cadre of mentors who in turn become role models for a younger generation.   

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